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 Alfredo De Curtis was born in Italy during the last world war. He had his artistic education first in Florence then at the Academy of Fine Art in Naples, and continued his education in Milan until 1965. After much traveling throughout Europe and North America, he settled in Toronto, Ontario. He worked as a graphic artist in Toronto for the next two and a half decades. De Curtis resumed his independent artistic activities full-time in the late eighties.

De Curtis artwork can be found gracing walls of galleries and prestigious private collections within Canada, The United States, Europe and around the globe.

The creativity of De Curtis is well-expressed in soft but distinctive edges, his compositions resemble wall frescoes and, sometimes are reminiscent of Pompeian antiquity. His paintings are awash in muted jewel tones. They evoke a semblance of mystery and intrigue. The opaque meridians of light and shadow, the grainy mirage of textured surfaces creates a three dimensional quality of the images. A quiet solitude slumbers over all his paintings. There is depth and intelligent thought behind the haunting figures, places and inanimate objects; an almost perfect melting-point of past and future. Present is transitory.

The Artist's Technique
De Curtis creates his own textured panels through a unique and innovative application. He uses the most abundant element found in nature- -sand- -and the most versatile pigment- -oil based paints.

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